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When I first made my announcement to run for Mayor I was humbled by the number of people who contacted me to not only congratulate me on my decision to run for office but also to offer their support and assistance during my campaign.

From the first day I started calling Rochester home I have been active in our community volunteering and serving on local boards, councils and coaching many local sports teams for girls and boys.

My full time employment is in the security and intelligence field and I am entering my 30th year as a citizen soldier in the Army with the current rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

I have had the opportunity to serve at all levels within our government. My experiences at the national, state and local levels advising top leadership, leading teams, developing staff and providing strategic and operational planning expertise will be valuable to our full time city employees, city council members and most importantly to the citizens of Rochester.

If you believe in my thoughts, vision and leadership to guide our great city for the next four years, I would be honored to have you join OUR team. Please consider volunteering, providing a monetary contribution or contacting me to discuss issues that are important to you.

I have had the opportunity to represent our nation around the world for 30 years. Please support me in the August primary and the November election so I may continue my service locally in the city I love and call home, Rochester.

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If you would like to volunteer in my campaign and quest for Rochester City Mayor, contact us by email at


Saturday, June 16, 2018 12:00 AM

Questions for the Candidates

Charlie O'connell's Answer:


It would be irresponsible to comment on past decisions the City Council has made without having been part of key conversations that pertain to those decisions.

The next mayor needs to offer and provide guidance to the City Council in order to help gain consensus on decisions. Ideally, this philosophy would limit the need for a mayoral veto.

Discussions may become heated at times, but that is when it is imperative that leadership comes into play. The mayor needs to ensure all conversations are healthy and professional and are being made in order to support strategic goals and objectives. That said, I would use the veto power if decisions are being made that are not nested within the agreed upon strategic goals and objectives.

Committee to Elect Charlie O'Connell
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